Aims and Objectives


Central to the project is the question of how to reach those remote from education – i.e., people who for whatever reason have had little or no formal adult education - to improve their participation in further education and to design and provide low-threshold learning opportunities. Studies show that only about 10% of the low-qualified participate in further education – among graduates of universities, the participation quote is four times as high. Education experts agree that being remote from education is not due solely to the individuals themselves. Often the institutions, too, are distant from the target audience. This is why experts suggest outreach educational counselling as well as further alternative approaches to increase participation in further education.

Our project ON THE MOVE has its foundations in European Policies and in recent research done within the PIAAC programme. The goal of the Europe 2020 strategy is smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Lifelong learning and the development of skills are important factors in this strategy. The European Agenda for Adult Learning (EAAL) is directly linked to this and therefore puts emphasis on the necessity for increased participation in adult learning. Whilst participation rates vary considerably amongst EU countries, the rates for low-skilled adults are generally low.

The goals of this project are identifying, testing, developing (further) and disseminating successful approaches improving the integration and support of the educationally remote. With this project, staff in counselling and educational institutions in Europe will learn about alternative approaches (predominantly of the outreach kind) bringing educationally remote and low-qualified people to further education and will implement these in their countries. This project will increase the chances of the educationally remote to find (better) work, as this is directly correlated with the level of qualification.



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