BFI Tirol Bildungs GmbH

BFI Tirol Bildungs GmbH
Ing.-Etzel-Straße 7
6010 Innsbruck

Contact Person
Margit Kerschbaumer


The vocational training institute BFI Tirol Bildungs GmbH is one of the largest employee oriented educational institutions in Austria and it is the leading educational institution in the region of Tirol/Austria in the vocational and educational adult training. The BFI is operating in different complementary educational sectors. BFI Tirol is providing vocational education and (continuous) training for employees as well as educational and occupational schemes for unemployed or threatened with unemployed persons.

The BFI Tirol is developing and offering special education programmes for employees and company specific trainings. Vocational trainings are designed for all different branches of business. Around 2000 different courses and seminars are in the portfolio of the BFI in the following areas: general further education, tourism and health, business and law, information technology, technical knowledge, languages, special and individual in-firm-trainings for companies. The major goal is to promote the personal and occupational development of the persons enrolled in these courses, by providing high-quality education and training at a reasonable cost.

The courses are targeted at the actual demands of the labour market and also provide orientation in a world of change. The BFI Tirol can point to long-standing experience in cooperation with both national and supranational public entities regarding labour market specific education projects. Projects, either self-designed or tailor-made for a cooperation-partner, include the development, implementation and evaluation of public funded projects for different marginalized groups, adults as well as youth. Contact:


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