Stichting De Regenboog Groep

Stichting De Regenboog Groep
Droogbak 1d
1001 EW Amsterdam

Contact Person
Eberhard Schatz


Foundation The Rainbow Group (RG) is an Amsterdam-based NGO committed to people with social problems, such as homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse and psychiatric disorders. The organisation provides low-threshold health and social services, such as day centres and night shelters, psychosocial support, drug consumption rooms and needle exchange programmes. Furthermore, RG provides social support through buddy projects.

RG employs more than 150 professionals and works with 650 volunteers. It has a solid governance structure, consisting of Board of Directors, Advisory Board and Managing Director (Chief Executive). In 1996, RG received the official Dutch approval for not-for-profit organisations (CBF).

In addition to the work at the local, practical and grass-root level, RG has always been committed to international cooperation. For more than 15 years, RG has been involved in European and international organisations and projects. The aim of the international involvement is to exchange experience and knowledge, to stimulate mutual learning and understanding, to improve the accessibility and quality of services for vulnerable and marginalised people and to influence policies, targeting these particular groups. Beside a large number of specific projects, RG established and maintains Correlation – European Network Social Inclusion & Health.


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